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Emissions saved yearly

300–400 tCO2


Implementation Time frame

Q1 2019 – Q3 2024


270 m€

Return on Investment

Community benefits

Low-carbon district heating energy and electricity

Green district heat is produced at the combined heat and power (CHP) facility of Kaukaan Voima using renewable sources of energy, such as wood residuals and forest chips. Green district heat is produced carbon neutrally in cogeneration with electricity, making it an ecological form of heating. Customers can easily switch to carbon-neutral district heating by contacting the customer service of Lappeenrannan Energia.

The green district heating product was motivated by the needs of the customers of Lappeenrannan Energia. When buying electricity, customers can choose a green option, which is generated using environmentally friendly wind power, solar power, and hydropower. Customers of Lappeenrannan Energia have wanted a similar product for district heating, although district heat is already mainly generated using renewable wood-based fuels.

Green district heat is produced in Lappeenranta at the Kaukaan Voima CHP facility. Wood-based fuel is combusted in a modern circulating fluidized bed boiler, which produces high pressure steam. The resulting energy is converted into kinetic energy in the steam turbine and further into electricity by the generator. The steam that comes from the turbine is used to generate heat. Kaukaan Voima is a CHP plant which produces both heat and electricity.

Approximately 90% of the energy sources used by Kaukaan Voima are renewable wood-based fuels, which can be sold as green district heat. The wood-based fuel consists of bark from factories, other similar by-products of the forest industry and logging residue. Peat only accounts for 10% of energy sources used at the Kaukaan Voima plant.

Properties belonging to the district heating network can now opt for greener heating at a small additional cost. Switching to green district heating does not require any equipment updates or new investments. The switch can be easily done by contacting the customer service of Lappeenrannan Energia by phone or email. Green district heating is an inexpensive form of heating and a great way to make your property more carbon neutral.

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